Blue Bluebird


This Blue roundtailed bluebird is the brother of the similar clear bluebird. Both have heads with thin then thick black horizontal lines, a beek, and a large black eye with a clear slit in the center. Additionally, both pieces have varying thin and thick horizontal blue lines from the center of the piece to the tail. The roundtail of both birds allows you to see nealry the entire inside design of bird when you look through the tail. The difference between the blue and clear birds are basically the following. The bluebird has blue tinted lucite and a light blue colored stripes in bird breast, while the clear bird is made like most of the Palatnik lucite pieces, with clear lucite and has white/cream colored stripes in bird breast. Blue tinted lucite makes this piece a marvel when illuminated. Be sure to check out the clear bird as well.

Price: $60.00
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